Introducing: Similar Differences

Welcome to Similar Differences! I suppose most introduction posts might start be answering the question: “What is this podcast going to be about?” so I’ll attempt to answer that in this post.

Most people would recommend that when you make a podcast, you should pick a specific niche in an area where you have expertise, because it’s easier to market your podcast to an audience that you already know will be interested in what you’re going to talk about.

Well, we’re going to go against that (admittedly good) advice and we’re going to cover all sorts of topics. In the episodes we’re releasing at launch, we cover self love, Star Wars, the MeToo movement, Trump, and social media, but we’re going to talk about tons of other stuff like artificial intelligence, psychology, the internet, philosophy, health, sports, art and really anything else we might think is interesting. 

As far as I can tell right now, the only common thread I can foresee is that topics must be:

1. something we could have a coherent conversation about, (limited to just a few topics, at least for me), or

2. something we find interesting (a great number of topics), or

3. something we disagree on (most topics in the known universe).

Alright, so that didn’t really narrow it down much.

Rather than assume that you’ll be interested in any particular thing we’re going to talk about, I guess we’re asking you to buy into us. If we say anything worth listening to, it’s probably going to be because we have such different viewpoints on so many things.

This may seem paradoxical since Dagny and I are basically OG BFF's, but I tend to think it makes for, at worst, compelling conversation. And when it comes down to it, our friendship is more important than any irreconcilable differences we might have on an issue.

We really hope you like this podcast, and we’d love to hear what you think about it. Is it good? Bad? Too long? Too short? Too rambling? Too specific? Too serious? Too funny? Ha. Should we cover a particular topic? Should we avoid talking about particular topics ever again? 

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Thanks to all of you for your continued support!